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About Us

Whether you suffer from headaches or musculo-skeletal pain, jaw pain and clicking, can’t throw that winter cold or notice your child complains of pains that you can never remember having as a child, the team at Health Balance can help.

Our practice prides itself on delivering a natural and holistic approach to meet our client’s individual needs – whether it be osteopathy, acupuncture, pilates or a combination of all three.

We are committed to providing you with an accurate diagnosis, appropriate treatment plan and the support you need to manage and improve your condition – ensuring you are back to your health potential as quickly as possible.

The team at Health Balance includes Melina Conte (Osteopath), Nicholas Conte (Acupuncturist), Kendl Gorrie (Exercise Physiologist), Fiona D’Elboux (Japanese Acupuncture Practitioner) and Anne Marie Dimasi (Pilates Instructor).

All of our practitioners are parents of growing families and understand the stresses and joys associated with parenting in this day and age – which makes Health Balance the ideal holistic solution for your family’s health needs.

Book an appointment today at our Packington Street, Newtown practice and start on your road to achieving better health balance.